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We encourage and
maintain a responsible
approach at all levels.

There are good reasons to work with us.

open. inclusive. supportive.

There are good reasons why it will be beneficial for you to work with us. We offer excellent working conditions and we are a great team.

  • Contribution to half-fare or rail season ticket 
  • Flexible working hours and home office (1 office day per week)
  • Annual working hours
  • Attractive further training opportunities
  • 6 weeks’ holiday including bridging days
  • 4 weeks paternity leave
  • 20 weeks paid leave for new mothers
  • We pay 60 per cent of pension costs and full accident insurance.
  • Regular events
  • Birthday present
  • Mobile subscription with Swisscom
  • Swibeco flexible benefits digital platform

Job vacancies

We do not accept dossiers from Recruitment agencies. Thank you.