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Case Study Unia

Standardization and digitalization of important processes across many different regions and locations in a single a single system

Unia is a Swiss trade union and interest group that advocates for the rights and interests of employees across various sectors. It engages in negotiations for collective agreements, offers support on labor law matters, and is dedicated to improving working conditions and promoting social justice.

Problem definition

The Unia trade union is the largest and most significant trade union in Switzerland, divided into 13 regions with over 70 secretariats dedicated to representing the interests of its members. To handle the demanding organizational and administrative tasks, it requires a modern IT infrastructure that caters to the needs of various target groups. Consequently, the Unia Digital project was initiated to establish this modern and efficient infrastructure.


The Unia Digital Platform serves as the central hub for the entire membership management process. New applications are submitted to the Unia Digital Platform through the Unia website, the employee app developed by Intersys, or other third-party systems. Membership applications undergo verification and processing, and any necessary changes are made using a back-office application. Additionally, crucial data is provided to other third-party systems.

Value added

The Unia Digital Platform has reduced process throughput times, professionalized the onboarding process, standardized member recruitment, and established the foundation for simpler implementations.

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