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Unused Data
is an untapped
savings potential

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Ivaluation is a measurement device equipped with an intelligent platform that monitors and logs the operational states of medical equipment.

The data from intricate consumption scenarios are neatly presented in a dashboard, accessible at any moment. Owing to the recorded consumption data, businesses can pinpoint previously unrecognized opportunities for cost savings.

Conserve resources, energy, and costs.

Optimise equipment fleet

The data indicates the usage levels of the medical devices and can be considered when acquiring new ones.

Furthermore, the data offers insights into whether the purchase of a new medical device is necessary at all.

Maintenance and support

The utilization data is utilized to enhance the maintenance and service intervals. If a medical device is not fully utilized, the maintenance and service intervals can be adjusted according to the operating time.

Increasing efficiency in staff and patient management

The availability of data facilitates more efficient planning of patient scheduling and staff allocation. Consequently, this may allow for the offering of additional or varied services, potentially leading to an increase in revenue.


The clarity provided by the recorded operating times reveals whether the medical devices have been properly turned off. This data can help identify unnecessary energy consumption resulting from devices not being switched off. The dashboard offers straightforward evidence of energy savings in terms of both consumption and costs.

Behind the scenes

Portraitfoto Andreas Burkhart

Andreas is one of the software engineers behind the intelligent platform, Ivaluation. In this blog post, he discusses his daily work routine.

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